By Lauren Dow

In Body I Trust

Based on a True Story

Lauren Dow’s emotionally driven debut delves into the mind of one woman through her journey of recovery, growth, and survival. When Amelia’s addict boyfriend flees the country to escape her, a heartbroken anorexic teeters between a life of eating disorders & recovery, until she meets her schizophrenic neighbor who shakes up the isolated monotony.

Based on a true story, In Body I Trust dives into the mind of Amelia as she struggles to swim from the deepest, darkest parts of herself back to the surface, before it’s too late.

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Hey, I’m Lauren Dow, author of In Body I Trust and Your Wild Journal. As a suicide survivor who has struggled with major depression, eating disorders, and anxiety, I found profound healing through words.

My mission is to continue the conversation about mental health and remind others that they are not alone in this beautiful mess of a journey we call life.


A story that must be read. Especially in a time, where a lot of people struggle with mental illness due to the COVID pandemic. It’s addictively written which makes it easy to transfer yourself in her. Hooked from start to finish. Shedding a tear and bursting out in laughter.

Tamara, United States
Book Reviewer ☆☆☆☆☆


This book is just… beautiful, empowering, and sheds light over the importance of mental health. Which is super important. And the most amazing thing about this book is that it makes you feel like you’re not alone. So much love for this one.

Rita, United Kingdom
Book Reviewer ☆☆☆☆☆

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