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I have some very exciting news!

I, Lauren Dow, have now had not one, but two articles featured on Thought Catalog!

This may not mean much to you, but it means the world to me for multiple reasons.

Since I’ve started talking about the realities of the lifelong conditions of my eating disorder and how hard I’ve work through recovery, the domino effect became so unbelievably real.

No, I’m not a New York Times best seller (yet – the power of positive thinking folks!). But the small, incremental steps towards achieving my goals are such a rewarding experience, like watching your child learn to walk for the first time.

They will stumble and fall, and each time they are up and about, you are that much more proud and excited for them. I wasn’t pushing the baby down on the floor after standing and say, “Now do it again, only better this time!”

Once I stopped focusing my energy on the power my eating disorder and depression had over me, and put that energy towards something that made me feel full, my whole world shifted.

Life is a very beautiful thing.

I encourage you to read and share the articles with your friends and family. Not only as a supporter, but because it’s important to continue educating others on the reality of what simple and mundane things like buying a new pair of pants or going on a date would feel like to someone with mental illness.

Thank you again for all of your encouragement as I continue down this journey. It’s a pleasure having you alongside with me.


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Hey, I’m Lauren Dow. Author, advocate, and feeler of the big feels. I’m here to provide a safe space to normalize the conversation about mental health and reinforce self-love. Thanks for joining me on this wild ride.


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